About Us

Mericler Inc.

Mericler Inc. is a Canadian educational umbrella under which a range of services is delivered worldwide by experts and professionals who have accumulated years of international experience in their specialty fields. Starting from Toronto, Canada, Mericler Inc. now has campuses in many countries all over the world including the UK, the U.S.A., Libya, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, and Turkey. Our global services are aimed to give personal attention to every individual in a relaxing, diverse, and dynamic learning environment. We focus on helping our learners acquire all the skills necessary for them to achieve their personal and professional goals.

At Mericler Inc., while we are proud of our proven success, we are always looking forward to further professional milestones. In the coming years, we have many irons in the fire, but we aim to do two main things: solidify our current network of trainees and clients and execute training programs in many parts of the world.
Currently, we work with hundreds of diverse partners and clients. We hope to maintain these relationships and find ways to give even more to our end users. This will be in terms of revamping facilities, raising the standards of our existing educational programs, and offering even more practical opportunities like internships and job placement.
After we have made sure our home fires are tended, we will move on a universal expansion scheme that will provide training in more cosmopolitan cities of our clients' preference and more partners than ever. These opportunities will allow us not only to increase our resources, but also to provide a more comprehensive education for our students and a richer ecosystem of partners to learn from.
Mericler Inc. provides many significant services to its clients. They include education in a vast number of corporate fields of training, comprehensive English language courses, student placement at top universities, test preparation, and a number of complimentary services to enhance our trainees' quality of life.
Mericler Inc. exists to develop fruitful partnerships between eager learners and those that can provide opportunities for them to thrive. We work with trainees from a wide variety of backgrounds and countries, offering them the chance to connect with educators, companies, and experiences across the globe. We stress the holistic development of English and technical skills with real world applications. We advance this cause through knowledge creation, thorough preparation, and established paths to success.
Mericler Inc. is more than keen to cover demand all over the world. With our five-continent presence, we stand out as a universal training provider with branches in the following countries:
  • Canada
  • United Sates of America
  • Libya
  • Saudi Arabia
  • Iraq
  • Turkey