Energy Audit & Management

Energy Audit & Management

One Week
What you will learn


  • Strategic & Management Concerns
  • Technology
  • Technical Issues in Implementation
  • Regulatory Aspects
  • The Work Processes
  • Professional Standards
  • Quality Assurance Methodology


Site Assessments, Global Wind System, Wind Physics, Atmospheric Wind Systems, Wind Data & Sources, Site Assessment, Biological Indicators, GIS and Satellite Data, Wind Turbine Technology, Rotor Aerodynamics, Wind Turbine Systems: Blades, Generation, Controls, Towers, Wind farms, Power Evacuation.

  1. Wind Energy the Opportunity
  2. Wind Energy & How it can help achieve your Organization’ Strategic Objectives
  3. Successful Implemented Project Case Studies
  4. Wind Systems Technical & Technology
    1. Technologies: Physics, Energy Maps and Resources, Wind Measurements, System Operational Aspects
    2. System Design Guidelines
    3. System Design Methodology
    4. Project Implementation
    5. Maintenance Management
  5. Economic & Estimating Wind Projects
  6. Regulatory Issues and Incentives
  7. Good Management Practices
  8. Procurement & Contract Issues
  9. Your Wind Energy Action Plan

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