Steam Turbine Technology, Processes & Management

Steam Turbine Technology, Processes & Management

One Week
What you will learn

This program is oriented towards the Power & Industrial Plant Professional, it enables a Multi-Discipline Understanding of your Steam Turbines and related process units for their Efficient and Effective Management.
Program topics include: The Technology, Industry Standards, Specification Issues, Installation & Testing, Operational Issues, Monitoring, Maintenance- Preventive & Shutdown, Management, Performance Measurement and Quality Assurance.

At the end of the program the participant will prepare an action plan to implement the best practices discussed during the program.

  1. The Technology
  2. Types/Working principles
  3. Turbine Components
  4. Glands & Sealing Systems
  5. Condensate System
  6. Boiler Feed Pump
  7. Regenerative Feed Heating System
  8. Turbine Oil System
  9. Steam Bypass Systems
  10. Governing Systems
  11. Fire Resistance
  12. Industry Standards
  13. Specification Issues
  14. Installation & Testing
  15. Operational Issues
  16. Monitoring
  17. Maintenance- Preventive & Shutdown
  18. Management
  19. Performance Measurement
  20. Quality Assurance.
  21. Safety Management
  22. Good Management Practices
  23. Best Industry Practices

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