Wind Energy Industrial Systems Training Program

Wind Energy Industrial Systems Training Program

One Week
What you will learn

In this program you will learn about… Wind Energy Industrial Systems Fundamental Understanding of

  1. Strategic & Management Concerns
  2. Technology
  3. Technical Issues in Implementation
  4. Regulatory Aspects
  5. The Work Processes
  6. Professional Standards
  7. Quality Assurance Methodology

Site Assessments, Global Wind System, Wind Physics, Atmospheric Wind Systems, Wind Data & Sources, Site Assessment, Biological Indicators, GIS and Satellite Data, Wind Turbine Technology, Rotor Aerodynamics, Wind Turbine Systems: Blades, Generation, Controls, Towers, Wind farms, Power Evacuation.

  1. Wind Energy the Opportunity
  2. Wind Energy & How it can help achieve your Organization’ Strategic Objectives
  3. Successful Implemented Project Case Studies
  4. Wind Systems Technical & Technology
    1. Technologies: Physics, Energy Maps and Resources, Wind Measurements, System Operational Aspects
    2. System Design Guidelines
    3. System Design Methodology
    4. Project Implementation
    5. Maintenance Management
  5. Economic & Estimating Wind Projects
  6. Regulatory Issues and Incentives
  7. Good Management Practices
  8. Procurement & Contract Issues
  9. Your Wind Energy Action Plan

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